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februarie 10, 2007

The Royal Court Needs You

Filed under: Engleza — krossfire @ 7:00 am

Since I’ve been awfuly busy lately (although now I’m in a short vacation) I’ve decided to request some collaborations for The Royal Court – my weird side-project, project which tries to present political realities by using the sugar coated pill method. (Everything is presented from the perspective of a mad king)

What you could do :

-You could sign in by posting a willing comment on the last post from the The Royal Court blog.

-You should read the fictional kingdom’s history and blog structure

-After signing in, you will receive a user on the blog and you will be able to post. Also, a honorary citizen title will be made available for you. You are free to choose a function in the kingdm (beside king…)

P.S : You will also be added to the blogroll and will have the opportunity of making a little free advertising to your other projects.


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